1. German and British Antecedents (Kevin Gutzman)
    Germania, Magna Charta, and the Glorious Revolution
  2. Colonial Constitutionalism (Brion McClanahan)
  3. The Imperial Crisis (Brion McClanahan)
  4. The Declaration of Independence (Kevin Gutzman)
  5. Articles of Confederation and the Critical Period (Brion McClanahan)
  6. To the Philadelphia Convention (Kevin Gutzman)
    Mt. Vernon, Annapolis, and James Madison’s Research Project
  7. The Philadelphia Convention (Brion McClanahan)
  8. Ratification (Brion McClanahan)
  9. The Federalist (Kevin Gutzman)
  10. State Constitutions (Kevin Gutzman)
    e.g., Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts — but Connecticut and Rhode Island
  11. The First Congress (Kevin Gutzman)
    Cabinet Departments, Judiciary Act, Bill of Rights
  12. At Swords’ Point (Brion McClanahan)
    Jefferson v. Hamilton in the Cabinet (Assumption, Bank Bill, Neutrality Proclamation)
  13. Federalists off the Rails (Kevin Gutzman)
    Chisholm v. Georgia (1793), Alien and Sedition Acts, Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
  14. Jeffersonians Take Command (Kevin Gutzman)
    Election of 1800/01; Repeal of the 1801 Judiciary Act
    but — Pickering and Chase Impeachments; Jefferson Rejects Taylor/Pendleton Amendment Advice
  15. The Marshall Court (I) (Brion McClanahan)
    Marbury v. Madison (1803); Fletcher v. Peck (1810)
  16. The Marshall Court (II) (Kevin Gutzman)
    McCulloch v. Maryland (1819); Barron v. Baltimore (1833)
  17. The Missouri Crisis (Brion McClanahan)
  18. The Jackson Administration (Kevin Gutzman)
  19. Antebellum Commentaries (Brion McClanahan)
  20. Dred Scott v. Sandford (Brion McClanahan)
  21. Secession (Brion McClanahan)
  22. Mr. Lincoln’s Unconstitutional War (Brion McClanahan)
    Rejects Secession; Prize Cases; Federal Conscription; Paper Money; Vallandigham; Habeas Corpus
  23. Reconstruction (Kevin Gutzman)
  24. The Era of Substantive Due Process (Kevin Gutzman)
  25. Progressivism (Brion McClanahan)
  26. The New Deal (I) (Kevin Gutzman)
    First New Deal; Revolution of 1937; Second New Deal
  27. The New Deal (II) (Brion McClanahan)
    Four Terms for Roosevelt; A SCUS full of New Dealers; Everson v. Ewing Township; The UN
  28. The Civil Rights Movement (Kevin Gutzman)
    Smith v. Allwright; Brown v. Board I & II (1954, ’55); Cooper v. Aaron; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965
  29. The Warren and Burger Courts (Kevin Gutzman)
    Redistricting; Forced Busing; Criminal Law
  30. Modern Issues (Brion McClanahan)
    The War Powers Act; The Unitary Executive; Torture and Congress/Treaties; The Spending Power and the Regulatory State