Professor Gerard Casey

  1. Introduction

The Huguenots

  1. Huguenot Political Theory

Jean Bodin, Apostle of Sovereignty

  1. Sovereignty and State
  2. Freedom, Property and the Right to Resist

The Road Not Taken: Johannes Althusius

  1. Consociation
  2. City, Realm and Sovereignty

Hugo Grotius

  1. War, Contract, and Law
  2. Certainty, ius naturale, ius gentium, Sovereignty

Fear, Desire and Hope: Thomas Hobbes

  1. Method, Man and Nature
  2. Personation, the Sovereign and his powers

The English Revolution

  1. The Levellers
  2. The Diggers
  3. Harrington and Filmer

John Locke

  1. Man, Nature, Freedom, Property
  2. Ownership of Self and Things
  3. Cecile Fabre, Politics
  4. Government and Consent

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  1. The Discourses
  2. The Social Contract, Freedom

Politics Naturalised: David Hume

  1. Human Nature, Convention of Justice and Property
  2. Property, Justice, Government, Contract
  3. Contract, Resistance

Edmund Burke

  1. The Vindication of Natural Society
  2. Society
  3. Defender of Liberty?

Conservatism and Libertarianism

  1. Change, Tradition, Society
  2. Freedom, Authority and Tradition

John Stuart Mill

  1. Liberty, Utilitarianism
  2. One very simple principle?
  3. Representative Government

Back to the Future: Karl Marx

  1. Introduction
  2. Alienation and Exploitation
  3. Exploitation again
  4. Class Struggle, State

The Anarchist Prophets

  1. What is Anarchism?
  2. William Godwin
  3. Godwin on Property, Max Stirner

The Classical Anarchists

  1. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  2. Michael Bakunin
  3. Peter Kropotkin—State and Society
  4. Peter Kropotkin—All things for all; Anarcho-syndicalism

The Anglophone Anarchists

  1. Josiah Warren
  2. Lysander Spooner
  3. Benjamin Tucker
  4. Auberon Herbert

Twentieth Century Tribalism: Fascism, National Socialism and Bolshevism

  1. Collectivism and Irrationality
  2. Transcendence
  3. The American Experience, Totalitarianism, Corporatism
  4. Anti-Semitism, Fascism—Left or Right?

War and the State

  1. War and Human Nature
  2. Types of State, Costs of War
  3. The American Experience
  4. War and the Totalitarian State

The Twentieth Century

  1. Ayn Rand
  2. Friedrich Hayek
  3. Robert Nozick
  4. Murray Rothbard
  5. John Rawls
  1. Conclusion